Product Description

EMERSON MAS-2600 Tank Contents Transmitter

Damcos MAS2600-G30-20-1/2P

The MAS2600 pressure sensor is designed for level and draft measurement. The MAS2600 provides genuine versatility with approved mounting designs, from both the tank’s top and side. The sensor is robust and durable, with low maintenance requirements.

Accurate and reliable measurement

The transducer is fully welded, housed in titanium with a titanium diaphragm and is submersible (IP68). The amplifier is housed in a sea water-resistant polyester casing (IP56). The transducer is a pressure sensitive silicon micro strain gauge sensor mounted in a glass to metal seal. The sensor is protected by an isolation diaphragm, electron beam welded to the transducer housing, with an oil filling between the sensor and the diaphragm.

  • Titanium housing and diaphragm
  • Resistant to sea water and chemicals
  • Silicon strain gauge sensor
  • EMI protected
  • Interchangeable with existing transmitters
  • Programmable from 0.2 to 35 mH²O
  • Strong, light and extremely corrosion resistant

Emerson Damcos MAS2600 Ordering Reference