Product Description

 Emerson Rosemount Level Transmitter

Type: 520 Level Transmitter 20WMG with 05mtr Cable Part # 165G1002P


520: Level Transmitter

G: Gauge

S1: 0.25% reference accuracy with 5-year stability

1: -5.10to 20.39mH2O  (-0.5 to 2 barG), minimum span of 0.82mH2O (0.08 bar g)**

A: 4–20 mA with digital signal based on HART protocol

11: Housing-Titanium Grade 2, Diaphragm- Titanium Grade 4, Fill Fluid-Silicone

A: XLPO standard cable

010: 05Mtrs of Cable

A1: Polyester Junction Box (165G2001)

00: Existing Mounting to be re-used

00000-00-00: Not applicable codes

000: No Specific Certification

00: No Specific Calibration

Q4: Calibration Certificate

Rosemount tank sensor type 520

Configuration Instruction – IIA and Trex _I01 copy

Configuration Instruction – IIA and Trex _I01

Electrical connection MAS2600 to Rosemount 520 guide copy



Replacement letter MAS 2600 sensor[1]

16-974-03 520 with Internal Bracket

16-971-03 520 Flange Mount

16-972-03 52 Pole mount