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CLP 675 / CLP D 675 pumps are made according to API 675 3rd edition.

CLP 675 / CLP D 675 pumps are specific designed for various chemicals, liquids, additives and other hard-to-handle fluids in production systems, placed in subsea, onshore and offshore applications.

Danfoss CLP pumps are based on the axial piston principle offering long life and high efficiency in the demanding oil and gas industry. The Danfoss CLP pumps have a light and compact design, resulting in one of the smallest footprints on the market.

Danfoss CLP pumps are designed for long periods of service-free operation to ensure low maintenance and life cycle costs. Provided that the pump is installed and operated according to Danfoss specifications, Danfoss CLP pumps typically run 1 year between service.


The following spare parts kits are available for the CLP pumps.

Seal and screw set, Shaft seal set, Cylinder barrel, Valve plate set, Retainer set, Piston set


Danfoss Valve Plate Set Part # 180B4391

Danfoss Piston Set Part # 180B4392

Danfoss Seal Set Part # 180B4393