Product Description

Damcos/Danfoss Posimeter 032-6683 Postion Indicator (Obsolete)

Replaced with VPI-V Assembly.

032-6683 Posimeter IMG_20180129_085206

032-6683 Posimeter Replacement Position Indicator Assembly

comprising off following items:

VPI-V Complete, Gear Ratio 1:0040 (To be confirmed) 160G1258

VPI TC Temperature Compensating Block Ver 2 (160G0512)

Studs & Cap Nuts x 4 of each per assembly

Threaded Bushing 4 of each per assembly

SD 4101-2E05 VPI – Valve Position Indicator General

SD 4100-2E04 VPI Total Programme

SD 4103-2E04 TC-block

SD 4104-2E05 PTC-block