Product Description

Damcos PD602 M, DPI with P-NET, Ethernet.

Part no: 586-4602






Damcos Base Module BM016 (BM003) Base module  RJ-485 For PD602

Part # 586-3016


PD 602 DPI is used to provide programmable intelligence for the local cluster via Light-Link P-NET, and to provide an interface with local area networks (LAN) using the Ethernet electrical standard (10 Mbs). It uses the BM 003 Base module. PD 602 is included in the Series 600 modules and features:

  • „  Real time clock with battery backup
  • „  Up to 480 Kbytes RAM memory with battery backup for user data
  • „  Up to 1 Mbytes in circuit programmable FLASH memory for user program
  • „  Up to 2 Mbytes in circuit programmable FLASH memory for user data
  • „  Built-in replaceable lithium battery
  • „  1 LED for communication state indication ( ash when communication)
  • „  2 LEDs for power On and Error indication
  • „  Low power consumption
  • „  Process-Pascal programmable
  • „  Automatic checksum control of program memory after each Reset