Product Description

Damcos PD527 VC Valve Control Module

Part no: 586-3527

Damcos BM015 Base Module, Part no: 586-3015



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The PD 527 Valve Control Module is specially designed to control the various types of Damcos valve actuators in the marine environment either by solenoid valve(s) or via an LPU (Local Power Unit).

The PD 527 Valve Control Module is part of the 600 series (M36) controllers and IO modules. The PD 527 Valve Control Module consists of two units. The one being an electronic module including CPU, push buttons for local control, indication LEDs (Light Emitted Diodes), and communication. The other being a base unit BM 015 with mounting facilities to the DIN- rail, terminals for connection of power sources and external equipment and relays.

In the following the PD 527 Valve Control Module is called PD 527.

The PD 527 can be used in complete Marine Tank Management system, MTM, which includes:

  • Valve control and operation
  • Pump control and operation
  • Tank contents gauging and calculation
  • Draft, trim and heel measurement and calculation
  • Interface to loading / stability computer
  • Interface to ISC (Integrated Ship Control) system

If P-NET communication is intended for valve control the PD 527 modules must be installed together with one of the following modules:

• DPI (Distributed Process Intelligence) • SPI (Simple P-NET Interface)
• RPI (Redundant P-NET Interface

This is done to enable interconnection of the valve actuator with other P-NET units, such as IO modules, display units, DPI / controllers, workstations for the shared eldbus P-NET. The units are communicating with each other by means of the galvanic separated Light-Link P-NET Fieldbus. The system will maintain in operation even if one unit is exchanged.

The PD 527 is tted with two relay outputs to be connected to a solenoid valve or an LPU. There are inputs for connecting either two switches for end position feedback (On/Off) or one potentiometer for intermediate position feedback (analog).

The PD 527 has internal push buttons for local control of the unit.

The PD 527 has built-in LEDs for monitoring status and position feedback.