Product Description

Damcos / Danfoss KFR 250/150 Linear Single-acting Spring-closing Actuator ,

Part no: 160F2065

Damcos KF & KFR Hydraulic Linear Single-Acting Spring-Closing Actuator Data sheet


KC-KF-KFR 65-600 ABS Approval

Damcos KF/KFR Linear Single-acting Spring-closing Actuators

Get the fail close performance you demand in a versatile and highly reliable actuator with the Damcos KF/KFR linear single-acting spring-closing actuator. Operated by hydraulic pressure, the output spindle is lifted (and the valve is opened) and the spring package is compressed. When released the spindle closes on the valve with end closing thrust (spring) of 1500 – 16500 Nm. In an emergency when the hydraulic pressure is not available, a built-in manual hand pump can operate the KFR actuator.