Product Description

 Damcos MAS2600 Tank Contents Transmitter

MAS2600 7Mwg Prog with 7Mtr cable & Amplifier PCB/Box, Protective Hose

G20 Tank Contents Transmitter

Nominal range: 700mbar

Over range: 4 x selected range

Mounting: Existing fittings to be used

Wetted Parts: Titanium

Temperature: Sensor: -20/+125ºC

Amplifier: -40/+85ºC

Cable: -20/+80ºC

Output: 2-wire, 4-20 mA

Calibration Range: To be advised

Comprising of: Transducer/Sensor, 7Mtr Cable, 5Mtr Protective Hose, Amplifier PCB & PCB Box PG11/PG11

Part # MAS2600-G20-07-9/1P