Product Description

Damcos / Danfoss PD3950 USB to P-Net Interface for Vision Monitors.

Part # 586-3950




PD 3950 LED Indicators

A PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface is equipped with 3 LED indicators: “On” (green), “Error” (red), and (green) “Link”. The state of the device is indicated by the LEDs, in accordance with the scheme shown in the table.

Meaning On (Green) Error (Red) Link (Green)
No power / Suspended OFF OFF OFF
Enumerated ON OFF OFF
Enumerated, traffic
ON OFF Flashing
P-NET Gateway Service connection error ON ON OFF
Error, not running OFF ON OFF
Bootmode (Flash corrupted) ON Flashing OFF
Error (RAM, EEPROM fault) ON ON ON, OFF or Flashing


As soon as Windows has enumerated the PD 3950 USB Interface, it will be displayed in the Device Manager. When the PD 3950 is disconnected the USB device will be removed from the list.


P-NET Gateway Service connection error

If the PD 3950 is not able to connect to the P-NET Gateway Service, please ensure that the service has been started. This error can also be caused by an incorrect configuration of the service.

PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface

General information

The PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface module provides an interface between the  P-NET Fieldbus and a standard PC running VIGO The Fieldbus Management System version 5.7 or higher.


Using the PD 3950, any standard desktop, laptop or single board PC with a USB port, may be used as a node in a P-NET installation, in applications such as process and factory automation, machine control, building automation, data acquisition etc.


Specific Features

·         P-NET Fieldbus communication interface.

·         P-NET RS485, multi-master P-NET interface.

·         Galvanically isolated P-NET communication port.

·         Manual baudrate selection 9600, 76800 Baud.

·         Can be connected to any standard USB port or USB HUB.

·         Powered by the USB port via the USB cable.

·         Supports firmware upgrade via USB.

·         Channel for holding application licences.

·         Compact designed, suitable for wall mounting, mounting underneath desk etc.