Product Description

Damcos / Danfoss/ Nordisk Marine Hydraulik HPI 3 Position Indicator.

Nordisk HPI 3.1 Drawing 029D665


Please note that these Indicators have been Obsolete for quite some time Now so we we have offered below a Complete Replacement System/VPI Assembly with the relevant Parts to replace the Old HPI Units.

Damcos VPI-C Indicator Assembly Complete (Replaces Obsolete HPI-3 Assembly) Comprising of:

Damcos VPI-C Complete (Top & Bottom parts) with Gear Ratio 1:0040 (Part No: 160G1302/P) 

Damcos / Danfoss VPI PTC Temperature & Pressure Compensating Block. Part no: 160G0511. (Replaced by 160G0570P)

4 x Stud M5*200-8/16 (4 per Assembly) Part no: 160U0336

4 x Cap Nut M5*27*ØD8 (4 per Assembly) Part no: 9016E8891.

2 x Crossover Plate NG6 A-B – B–A (2 Per Assembly) Part no: 160G2075