Product Description

Damcos / Danfoss Local Power Unit LPU-F





The LPU – (Local Power Unit) – is an integrated electro-hydraulic system for remote control of valves and actuators.

The LPU is especially developed for mounting direct on valve actuators, primarily on board ships. The F version allows the LPU to be installed in areas where Flooding is at risk. The LPU F can withstand Flooding down to 70 meters for 7 days (IP68).

The LPU consists of a hydraulic pump which is driven by an asyn-chronous capacitor motor and several valve functions.

The LPU F offers installation of two basic versions:

  • −  LPU-S F (fail safe) for single acting actuator
  • −  LPU-D F (fail set) for double acting actuator
    The above two main types can be delivered with Plug connection or Cable connection.