Product Description

Damcos / Danfoss DCFV-3 Double Constant Flow Valve.

Part # 160U1288 (160U1238 Replacement)

SD 3202-2E02 – DCFV-3 DamcosTM DCFV-3 Double Constant Flow Valve Data sheet




The DCFV-3 is a pressure and temperature compensated ow regulator that keep a constant operating speed of an actuator in both open and close direction. With the DCFV-3 a very slow speed can be obtained. In addition, ow becomes independent of viscosity, load and temperature in almost every case. For throttle size up to 0.6 the ow will increase with temperature, but for small throttle sizes the ow is independent of pressure as long as the working pressure is over 15 bar.

The throttle block has an NG6 connection.