Product Description

Damcos CB-Plus Control Block

CB-Plus 2-PCV-R-T-H ƒ

CB-Plus 2-PCV-R-T

CB-Plus 2-S-H

CB-Plus 2-S

CB-Plus 2-PCV-R-T-(H) ƒ

CB-Plus 1-S-H

CB-Plus 1A-S-H

CB-Plus KF 1A-S-H

CB-Plus KF 1-S-H


The CB-Plus control block is designed for mounting on, or in close approximation to the Damcos actuator. For use in submerged applications or placed in hazardous area the block can be connected to the pilot line by means of the B-block.

The hydraulic functions are divided in two parts; one for open and one for close -function, (A port: hydraulic closing and B port: hydraulic opening). Each standard block has several combination possibilities.